Southside with You Songs List

Southside with You
Written by BeeBee
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Southside with You Soundtrack list – Barack Obama tries to woo a reluctant Michelle on their first unofficial date when they met in Chicago in 1989. Barack was a young law associate and Michelle was an attorney. Together they became one of the most powerful couples in the world.

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Southside with You SoundTrack Songs List

01. Walk with Me (Southside Main Title) (2:47)
02. Southside Funk (Radio Id) (2:16)
03. Art Museum (Ernie Banks) (4:52)
04. Museum Dome (Artwork) (1:10)
05. Walk in the Park (2:06)
06. Inter-Racial (0:37)
07. Drive By (Projects) (2:20)
08. Church Speech (A Friend) (1:31)
09. Lakeside (First Date) (1:46)
10. Drive in Silence (1:57)
11. Ice Cream (1:39)
12. The Kiss (2:50)
13. Walk with Me (Power Ballad) (3:31)
14. Can’t Stop What I’m Feeling (3:15)
15. We Taken Over (3:24)

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