Sorry to Bother You Songs List

Sorry to Bother You
Written by BeeBee
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Sorry to Bother You Soundtrack list – Cassius “Cash” Green lives in his uncle Sergio’s garage with his girlfriend, Detroit, an artist. Struggling to pay rent, Cash gets a job as a telemarketer for RegalView. Cash has trouble with customers until Langston, an older co-worker, teaches him to use his “white voice” and adopt a blithe, affluent persona on calls, at which Cash excels.

Cash’s coworker Squeeze forms a union and recruits Cash, Detroit, and their friend Sal. When Cash participates in a protest, he expects to be fired but is instead promoted to an elite Power Caller position. In the luxurious Power Caller suite, Cash is told by the lead Power Caller, Mr. _______, to always use his white voice, and learns that RegalView secretly sells military arms as well as cheap labor from the corporation WorryFree, through which employees sign lifetime contracts to work and be housed in factories, which many condemn as slave labor.

Spring Songs List

Sorry to Bother You SoundTrack Songs List

1. Transformative Experience (0:34)
2. Study Up (1:52)
3. STTS (0:20)
4. SIGNS (Detroit’s Theme) (2:09)
5. Regalview Theme (0:58)
6. Money Money Money (2:09)
7. Powercallers Suite (1:26)
8. Mr Green’s Muzak (0:49)
9. Let’s Begin Again (NitNot) (2:12)
10. Does It Feel Good (2:17)
11. Sad Theme (2:25)
12. Revealed (2:33)
13. Steve Lift’s Party (3:09)
14. Performance Art (2:16)
15. Triumph (1:57)
16. Love Theme (0:40)
17. Play My Clip (2:33)
18. This Is My White Voice (3:26)
19. Does It Feel Good (Lucid Dream Mix) (2:19)
20. The Reveal (2:34)
21. Backbone (2:32)

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