Something Wicked This Way Comes Songs List

Something Wicked This Way Comes
Written by BeeBee
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Something Wicked This Way Comes Soundtrack list – In Green Town, Illinois, two young boys, a reserved Will Halloway, and somewhat rebellious Jim Nightshade, leave from an after-school detention for “whispering in class” and hurry off for home. The boys live next door to each other and were born a minute apart on Halloween. Will lives with his grey-haired father Charles and mother while Jim lives with his single mother; it is heavily implied that his father walked out on them. A lightning rod salesman named Tom Fury arrives and sells one to Jim, claiming that it will protect him from an upcoming storm. The boys soon hear of a carnival coming to town led by the ominous Mr. Dark.

The carnival arrives and is set up overnight. Will and Jim notice that many of the residents seem oddly entranced by some of the attractions such as the amputee bartender Ed who sees his missing arm and leg return in a mirror and the boys’ teacher Miss Foley who wishes to regain her youth. Will and Jim see a carousel that is closed off and are confronted by Mr. Dark who quickly becomes suspicious of them. Later, they witness Mr. Dark using the carousel on his assistant Mr. Cooger who reverts to a little boy. Will and Jim head off to see Foley, but she is with her “nephew” who is actually Cooger and are forced to leave.

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Something Wicked This Way Comes SoundTrack Songs List

01. Main Title – A Rare Month For Boys (6:47)
02. Green Town, Illinois (3:26)
03. Halloway’s Coffin (1:06)
04. Halloway’s Bedroom (1:01)
05. The Soul’s Midnight (2:16)
06. Something Wicked This Way Comes (2:41)
07. Dark’s Pandemonium Carnival (1:46)
08. Discovering The Carousel (0:43)
09. Ferris Wheel And Side Show (3:14)
10. The Carousel After Dark (4:35)
11. Miss Foley In The Mirror (2:37)
12. Discovered (3:46)
13. The Spiders (3:25)
14. First Parade (2:43)
15. Second Parade (1:21)
16. Funeral March (2:02)
17. Dark And Halloway (4:11)
18. I Know Who You Are (3:29)
19. Dark Searches The Library (3:25)
20. The Rescue (2:22)
21. End Titles (2:46)
22. Main Title – A Rare Month For Boys (with narration) (6:47)
23. Dark And Halloway (Library Dialogue) (7:48)

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