Silent Night, Deadly Night 4: Initiation Songs List

Silent Night, Deadly Night 4: Initiation
Written by BeeBee
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Silent Night, Deadly Night 4: Initiation Soundtrack list – Kim Levitt is an aspiring journalist working for the Los Angeles Eye newspaper as a classified ads editor. Her boss, Eli, seems to give all of the men in her office the breaks, including her boyfriend Hank. When a woman is discovered dead on the sidewalk, half-burned into ashes in an apparent case of the spontaneous human combustion, Kim decides to pursue the story on her own without Eli’s approval. While investigating, she crosses paths with Fima, a used bookstore proprietor whose shop is in the building the woman jumped from. As a gift, Fima offers Kim a book on feminism and the occult.

On Christmas Eve, Kim spends the evening with Hank’s family. Hank’s father makes snide remarks about Kim being Jewish. Later at her apartment, Kim begins reading the book Fima gave to her, and finds a chapter on “The Fire of Lilith” depicting a woman engulfed in flames. The next day, Kim arrives at a picnic Fima invited her to, where she meets Katherine Harrison, a self-described old crone, and the young Jane Yanana. They tell her about Lilith, Adam’s first wife and the “spirit of all that crawls.”

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Silent Night, Deadly Night 4: Initiation SoundTrack Songs List

1. Prelude and Main Title (3:04)
2. Afternoon Delight / Kim’s Frustration / Kim Begins Snooping / Ricky Scares Kim / Kim Eats The Date (2:39)
3. The Book / Kim Checks The Roof (3:31)
4. Kim Continues Hallucinating / Hallucinations Become Real (3:36)
5. Kim Arrives At Picnic / They Toast ‘The Turning Point’ / Transition From Park / Kim Finds Fima / Spiked Coffee (3:34)
6. The Initiation Begins (6:43)
7. Kim Rises Very Dazed / Bolts Out The Door / Pops Pills (3:21)
8. “Hank Is That You” / Ricky Enters / Ricky and Hank Fight (2:34)
9. Phone Rings / Fight Continues / Kim’s Friend Arrives / Voodoo Begins (3:48)
10. Kim’s Transformation / We Need a Life (2:34)
11. Kim Escapes / Lonnie and Kim Into Van (5:33)
12. The Attempted Sacrifice / Finale (5:19)
13. End Title (3:05)

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