Shithouse Songs List

Written by BeeBee
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Shithouse Soundtrack list – Alex is a lonely college freshman struggling to adjust to college life, lying to his mother by inventing a best friend and girlfriend to conceal his lack of social life. One night, desperate to get out of his dorm, he attends a party at the “Shithouse” fraternity with his roommate, Sam, who he has a distant relationship with. At the party, he bonds with Maggie, the sophomore residential advisor of his dorm. Though Maggie briefly leaves for an unfulfilling hookup with another student, she and Alex reconnect later that night and hang out after Alex fails to perform during their attempted hookup. The two genuinely bond, with Alex revealing his difficulties in connecting with other students, insecurity at living away from his family, and the death of his father. In turn, Maggie opens up about her estrangement with her own father, the unexpected grief over a recent loss of her pet turtle, and her secret dreams of acting. After spontaneously joining an impromptu baseball game with a group of other students, they return to the dorms to drink and have sex.

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Shithouse SoundTrack Songs List

1. 0fret – Shithouse Intro (0:37)
2. Shithouse Dialogue – It’s Just Shithouse (0:24)
3. Waxahatchee – Blue (2:06)
4. 0fret – Solid Ground (3:38)
5. Shithouse Dialogue – Common Ground (0:44)
6. 0fret, Abby Quinn – Walk All over Me (2:44)
7. Shithouse Dialogue – Rocks (0:22)
8. Nick Das – Eight (2:06)
9. Shithouse Dialogue – Grow (0:16)
10. Girlpool – Cherry Picking (3:33)
11. Shithouse Dialogue – Been Here (0:18)
12. 0fret – Shithouse Tiny Thangs 4 (0:50)
13. Cure For Paranoia – Ain’t a Thing (3:36)
14. John Dufilho – Why Are You Lost? (2:45)
15. Shithouse Dialogue – See You Soon Big Guy (0:24)
16. 0fret, Abby Quinn – Walk All over Me (Remix) (3:09)

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