Shazam! Songs List

Written by BeeBee
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Shazam! Soundtrack list – In 1974 in Upstate New York, young Thaddeus Sivana is riding in a car with his abusive father and brother Sid during a snowstorm; being mocked and verbally harassed by them constantly. He is suddenly transported to the Rock of Eternity, a mystic temple located in another dimension. The ancient wizard Shazam has spent centuries searching for someone pure of heart to bestow his power and name as champion, after the previous champion released the Seven Deadly Sins. Thaddeus is tempted by the Sins, who promise him power if he will free them. The wizard deems Thaddeus unworthy and magically returns him to the car. Sivana’s frustration and confusion leads to a vehicular accident which ends up with his father becoming paralyzed from the waist down and even more resentful towards him. Both he and Sid blame Thaddeus. The Sins send Thaddeus a message via his 8-Ball toy telling him to find them.

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Shazam! SoundTrack Songs List

1. SHAZAM! (3:59)
2. The Consul of Wizards (3:01)
3. Seeking Spell (2:34)
4. Compass (3:27)
5. Seven Symbols (4:17)
6. The Rock Of Eternity (4:17)
7. Subway Chase (From Shazam! – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) (0:45)
8. It’s You Or No One (5:00)
9. Dude, You’re Stacked (1:18)
10. This Is Power (2:32)
11. Bus Rescue (2:29)
12. You’re Like a Bad Guy, Right? (1:17)
13. Them’s Street Rules (0:48)
14. Superman It (0:56)
15. Super Villain (1:40)
16. You Might Need It More Than Me (5:39)
17. Come Home Billy (3:03)
18. Give Me Your Power (1:42)
19. His Name Is (2:46)
20. Sentimental Nonsense (1:54)
21. Run! (2:13)
22. Play Time’s Over (1:49)
23. All Hands On Deck (2:05)
24. I Can Fly! (2:14)
25. Fight Flight (3:32)
26. Finale (4:11)
27. We’ve Got a Lair (1:31)
28. I’m Home (0:53)
29. I Name The Gods (1:33)

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