Shattered Glass Songs List

Shattered Glass
Written by BeeBee
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Shattered Glass Soundtrack list – In 1998, Stephen Glass is an associate editor at The New Republic. Among the youngest of the magazine’s staff, Glass enjoys popularity with his colleagues for his entertaining stories. Glass serves under editor Michael Kelly, whom the writers hold loyalty towards. However, conflict between Kelly and publisher Marty Peretz results in Peretz firing Kelly. Reporter Charles Lane is promoted by Peretz to replace Kelly, despite being disliked by the staff.

Glass writes a story entitled “Hack Heaven” that details a teenage hacker being hired by a large software firm he infiltrated. The story reaches Forbes Digital Tool where reporter Adam Penenberg finds no corroborating evidence for what Glass described. When contacted by Penenberg about being unable to reach the individuals in his story, Glass provides a number with a Palo Alto area code for the firm. After Lane calls the number, he briefly speaks with an individual identifying as the firm’s chairman. Glass and Lane also partake in a conference call with the Forbes staff, which further erodes the story’s credibility and prompts Glass to claim he was tricked by his sources.

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Shattered Glass SoundTrack Songs List

01. A Little Bit Humble (2:32)
02. TNR (1:54)
03. Kelly’s Goodbye (2:05)
04. 16,800 Magazines (1:19)
05. Fact Check (1:48)
06. Night Shift (1:48)
07. (1:32)
08. There is a State Called Nevada (1:25)
09. Conference Call (1:16)
10. Stop Pitching (1:12)
11. Explain (2:24)
12. If you Remain Silent (2:25)
13. Epilogue (1:52)

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