Sea Of Dreams Songs List

Sea Of Dreams
Written by BeeBee
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Sea Of Dreams Soundtrack list – On an island across the sea lies a village full of romance, wonder and mystery; a timeless place where people carry strong beliefs that can fulfill the heart’s deepest desires. A beautiful woman, led to believe she has powerful ties to the sea, defies everyone to prove them wrong, in a world where man and nature connect in improbable ways, where myths are real and truth is imaginary.

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Sea Of Dreams SoundTrack Songs List

01. Sea Of Dreams (2:39)
02. Grecia’s Childhood (2:07)
03. First Kiss (2:27)
04. Nurka’s Pain (2:46)
05. Hidden Port / “Cumbia Y Vacilon” (2:14)
06. Flirting In The Glass Shop/A Vision In The Market (1:58)
07. Grecia Belongs To The Sea (0:50)
08. The Color Of The Water / Dreaming Of The Future (1:55)
09. La Victoria / Betrayal / A Menacing Sea (3:55)
10. Celebration Of The Cross “Ay Que Bonita Es La Vida (2:06)
11. The Love Of The Sea (1:15)
12. Wishing On A Kite (1:39)
13. The Dead Are Coming Home (0:58)
14. Bolero Of The Dead (2:52)
15. A Beach Full Of Fallen Stars (2:03)
16. Like Old Times (1:39)
17. Nurka’s Tears (2:01)
18. The Best Day In A Long Time “El Vaiven De La Vida” (2:45)
19. We Go Together Or We Stay Together/ A Promise Of L (2:32)
20. The Secret (2:16)
21. Black Day / An Angry Sea (3:38)
22. A Sky Full Of Stars / Grecia’s Destiny (4:07)

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