School’s Out (L’heure de la sortie) Songs List

School's Out (L'heure de la sortie)
Written by BeeBee
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School’s Out (L’heure de la sortie) Soundtrack list – Substitute French teacher, Pierre Hoffman finds himself in charge of teaching an experimental class of twelve gifted students at the renowned Saint Joseph College. The class had witnessed their previous French teacher commit suicide by jumping out of the window, and Pierre is treated with hostility and distrust by the class. The class hall monitors, Apolline and Dimitri, are ringleaders of separate subgroups in the class, and Apolline soon pits herself against Hoffman. Hoffman begins following Apolline and her followers after class and witnesses them engaging in disturbing and violent rituals.

The Chaperone Songs List

School’s Out (L’heure de la sortie) SoundTrack Songs List

1. Etrange balade en forêt (Filature) (4:46)
2. Free Money (3:29)
3. Thème de Pierre (1:26)
4. La boîte de nuit de tonton (3:58)
5. Orage de grêle (1:55)
6. La piscine (1:56)
7. Pissing in a River (2:23)
8. Drone de soleil (0:25)
9. La Boum (2:17)
10. Fight Club (3:00)
11. Thème de Pierre (Variation) (1:56)
12. Course-poursuite (4:11)
13. Thème de fin (3:46)

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