Sahara Songs List

Written by BeeBee
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Sahara Soundtrack list – In the desert, where the animals are called “Dusties”, Ajar the cobra and his best friend, Pitt the scorpion, steal a watermelon from a camelcade, only to have it taken by an older cobra named Saladin. The duo are a frequent target of belittling by Saladin and are viewed as outcasts. Ajar, tired of being a “loser”, decides they should go into the Oasis, a haven for the rich and highly sophisticated green snakes but is forbidden to the Dusties.

Ajar disguises himself as a green snake and then enters the Oasis. He meets a green snake named Eva, who disguised herself as a Dusty in attempt to escape the Oasis. They are then ambushed by Secretary birds, who chase them to the edge of a cliff. Eva and Ajar jump off the cliff, landing in a river. The disguises wash off in the river, revealing their true identities to one another. Being a Dusty, Ajar is not able to swim and almost drowns, but is saved by Eva, who revives him with mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. Ajar and Eva become friends after that and Ajar falls in love with Eva, but Eva is then captured by Omar, a snake charmer and skinner.

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Sahara SoundTrack Songs List

01. Let Them Say (3:18)
02. En route pour l’oasis (1:17)
03. Oe himene (Robots and Friends) (2:55)
04. L’Oued (1:57)
05. La branche des soupirs (1:45)
06. Danse des serpents (2:08)
07. Danse Eva (Robots and Friends) (2:12)
08. La décision (1:26)
09. La palmeraie (2:50)
10. Πhimene (Reprise) (1:18)
11. La famille scorpion (1:18)
12. Crazy Race (3:33)
13. Le crash (1:31)
14. Le labyrinthe (2:23)
15. Birds of Jadis (Robots and Friends) (2:27)
16. Planétarium (1:48)
17. L’attaque des vers (1:41)
18. L’étoile filante (1:30)
19. L’enlèvement (1:08)
20. Le fogara (1:02)
21. La tannerie (3:06)
22. Poursuite sur les toits (3:03)
23. Les retrouvailles (2:23)

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