Rurouni Kenshin 3: The Legend Ends Songs List

Rurouni Kenshin 3: The Legend Ends
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Rurouni Kenshin 3: The Legend Ends Soundtrack list – In a flashback, Hiko Seijūrō finds young Shinta digging graves for bandits and slavers killed in battle. Shinta explains that all people are only bodies after death. Hiko decides to take Shinta as his student and names him “Kenshin”. Himura Kenshin wakes up at Master Hiko’s home, and asks if his friend (Kaoru) was also washed up. He has been unconscious for three days, and Master Hiko tells him that his friend is most likely dead. Kenshin asks to learn the final Hiten Mitsurugi technique, “Amakakeru Ryu no Hirameki”, in order to defeat Shishio Makoto and prevent his onslaught.[7] Hiko agrees, and the two engage in a duel to start his training.

Shishio appears off the Tokyo coast in a large black iron-clad battleship, and demands that the home minister, Ito Hirobumi, visit him to discuss the situation. After inviting the ministers to join him for food, one of them loses his temper, and is killed by one of Shishio’s men. The prime minister tries to restore order and decorum, but Shishio takes them prisoner when they try to leave – killing all the government men apart from the prime minister. Shishio demands that Battousai be brought to him, otherwise he will bring down the government by making public all the killings and murders that were undertaken by the current government. Saito Hajime also known as Fujita is still searching for Battousai, and is disgusted with the way the government is handling the matter by giving in to blackmail from Shishio.

Yahiko Myojin finds a poster demanding “Battousai” Kenshin be arrested, which he and Sagara realise suggests that Kenshin must still be alive, and they leave for Tokyo and the Kamiya Dojo with Misao to find him and search for Kaoru Kamiya. A young woman approaches them with a scarf as they are leaving, which Misao recognises as the one she bandaged Kaoru with and they rush off. They appear outside a hospital and enter to find Kaoru unconscious and alive.

Kenshin learns through his training from Hiko that he had thrown away his will to live during his time as the assassin Battōsai, and as he has no intention of coming out alive he will be unable to defeat Shishio. Hiko also points out that Kenshin has lost his killer instinct with his oath to not kill and his ridiculous” sword, after all it is the strong who survive and the weak who die. That night, Hiko says that something is missing in Kenshin, and that he will be given the night to think about it. If he cannot figure out what it is, he will die the next day. The next morning, Kenshin is still unable to understand what is missing in himself. So Hiko reveals his final task as Master to Kenshin – without realising what is missing, Kenshin will return to his old ways – and so Hiko has to kill Battōsai. When Hiko attacks him, Kenshin realises that he is trembling. It is not from fear of his master but from fear of death itself and instinctively uses his sword to protect himself as he does not want to die. Kenshin listens as he is told by his master that he cannot learn the secret until he realises that the will to live is paramount, that his life is just as worthy as others and so he has learned the secret of Amakakeru.

Kaoru awakes from her coma, and reunited with Yahiko and Sanosuke they return to Tokyo. As Kenshin concludes his training and is about to depart, Makimachi Misao arrives with the news that Kaoru is alive. She also tells Kenshin that he has been branded a wanted criminal throughout Japan for his work as Battōsai during the Bakumatsu era. Knowing that Shishio intends to take Tokyo next, Kenshin intends to return home by a secret route given to him by the Oniwabanshu at the Aoiya Inn. They discover that Kashiwazaki Nenji (also known as Okina) has gone on ahead and encountered Shinomori Aoshi, who was lying in wait for Kenshin on that route. Kenshin and Misao arrive and Kenshin duels with Aoshi, during which Okina dies of his wounds.[8] Back at the Aoiya, Misao tends to Aoshi and convinces him to return to the Oniwabanshu. On Shishio’s battleship, Shishio, his partner Yumi, and one of his men Hori, discover that because of Shishio’s inability to sweat, he can only fight for fifteen minutes without putting his health at risk.

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Rurouni Kenshin 3: The Legend Ends SoundTrack Songs List

01. 降誕 (2:58)
02. 奥義~飛天御剣流~ (3:11)
03. 命 (5:07)
04. 冀望 (3:18)
05. 怒気の矛先 (1:12)
06. 再臨 (1:15)
07. 画策 (2:55)
08. 悔恨の念 (3:19)
09. 疾風怒濤 (2:09)
10. 刺客 (1:36)
11. 仇敵 (6:58)
12. 狂瀾 (1:52)
13. 刻限 (2:20)
14. 終焉の炎 (3:56)
15. 飛天~伝説の最期~ (5:02)

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