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RRR Soundtrack list – In 1920, during the British Raj, administrator Scott Buxton and his wife Catherine visit a forest in Adilabad, where they abduct Malli, a young girl with a talent for artistry, from the Gond tribe. Enraged by the act, the tribe’s guardian Komaram Bheem, embarks to Delhi with the intent of rescuing her, under the guise of a Muslim man named Akhtar. Elsewhere, the Nizamate of Hyderabad, sympathetic to the Raj, warns Scott’s office of the impending danger. Undeterred, Catherine enlists the assistance of A. Rama Raju, an ambitious officer in the Indian Imperial Police to quell the threat. Embarking on his new assignment, Raju and his uncle, Venkateswarulu, attend several pro-independence gatherings in the hopes of finding clues. His opinions attract the attention of Lachhu, Bheem’s gullible aide.

Falling for Raju’s trickery, he attempts to induct him into Bheem’s plot, only to flee when he discovers his true identity. A short while later, both Bheem and Raju encounter each other; unaware of their opposing identities and intentions, they unite to save a boy from a train wreck, sparking a friendship between the two. Over time, the two grow close to each other. Raju subsequently assists Bheem in courting Jenny, Scott’s niece, unaware of his intention to infiltrate Scott’s residence. When Jenny takes Bheem to her residence, Bheem locates the room where Malli is being held in captivity; he meets Malli and promises Malli that he will free her. Meanwhile, Raju deduces Lachhu’s covert identity and whereabouts; he subsequently apprehends him. While interrogating him, Lachhu goads a banded krait into attacking Raju; he thereafter warns him of his imminent fate and that the antidote is only known to the Gonds.

Dazed, Raju approaches Bheem, who immediately tends to him. Noticing similar religious features between Lachhu and Bheem, Raju deduces his true intentions. Regardless, Bheem divulges his tribal identity and his mission, still unaware of Raju’s covert identity. At an event held in Scott’s honor, Bheem’s men barge into his residence with a lorry filled with wild animals, which creates havoc among the assembled guests. The animals maul Scott’s guards, allowing Bheem to briefly fight; however, Raju arrives and subsequently discloses to him of Scott’s intention to kill Malli; he surrenders out of obligation. In the aftermath of the incident, Raju is promoted for thwarting Bheem, yet, he is absorbed with guilt over his own actions, recalling his own pro-nationalistic background and his actual alter-ego as a mole within the police; he was seeking a promotion in order to gain access to shipments of guns to smuggle to his village.

Aftersun Songs List

RRR SoundTrack Songs List

1. Spirit of RRR (0:39)
2. The Story (1:04)
3. The Fire (0:37)
4. Arrest That B (5:40)
5. The Water (0:52)
6. Tiger Chase (2:14)
7. Please Forgive Me (1:02)
8. New Attire (0:34)
9. Reward Announced, Hunt Began (1:48)
10. Jenny Is a Kind Soul (1:05)
11. Lachu Escapes (2:21)
12. Train Accident (3:04)
13. Affinity With Jenny (1:10)
14. Malli’s Existance Is Evident (0:53)
15. An Invite, A Gift (1:03)
16. Lachu Is Caught (0:40)
17. Scott’s Palace (1:12)
18. Seetha (2:31)
19. Promise (Telugu) (1:30)
20. Promise (Hindi) (1:32)
21. Promise (Tamil) (1:30)
22. Promise (Kannada) (1:30)
23. Promise (Malayalam) (1:30)
24. Snake Bite (2:27)
25. Sos (0:50)
26. True Idedntity Revealed (3:39)
27. Making Harder Decisions (1:24)
28. Bheem- The Tsunami (4:28)
29. Unfortunate Fight (1:18)
30. Fire and Water (0:39)
31. Tears, Blood and Breach (Telugu) (3:02)
32. Tears, Blood and Breach (Hindi) (3:02)
33. Tears, Blood and Breach (Tamil) (3:02)
34. Tears, Blood and Breach (Kannada) (3:02)
35. Tears, Blood and Breach (Malayalam) (3:02)
36. Load, Aim, Shoot ( The Practice ) (1:17)
37. Misunderstood (2:06)
38. Never Giving Up (2:56)
39. Smallpox (1:58)
40. Prodigious Precisio (1:47)
41. Guilt (1:57)
42. Ram- The Volcano (2:23)
43. Closer Than Ever (1:01)
44. Together We Rock (Telugu) (3:35)
45. Together We Rock (Hindi) (3:35)
46. Together We Rock (Tamil) (3:35)
47. Together We Rock (Kannada) (3:35)
48. Together We Rock (Malayalam) (3:35)
49. Load, Aim, Shoot (Climax) (2:29)
50. Raamam, Bheemam (5:33)
51. Dosti (5:41)
52. Naatu Naatu (3:35)
53. Janani (3:09)
54. Komuram Bheemudo (4:15)
55. Raamam Raaghavam (3:52)
56. Etthara Jenda (4:23)
57. Komma Uyyala (4:45)

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