Roar: Season 1 Songs List

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Written by Cherry
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Roar-Ravening jungle beasts assemble in flocks to invade an otherwise quiet home where they terrorize the visiting family of their keeper.

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Roar: Season 1 Free Songs List Soundtrack

Genre: Score
Date: 2022
Country: USA
Audio codec: MP3+FLAC
Quality: 320kbs+lossless
Playtime: 19:17

1. The Woman Who Disappeared (0:38)
2. Go Spend It (0:32)
3. A Rental (0:29)
4. The Woman Who Ate Photographs (3:05)
5. The Woman Who Sat On A Shelf (3:58)
6. The Woman Who Had Bite Marks (1:09)
7. Is It Contagious? (6:01)
8. The Woman Who Was Fed By A Duck (0:40)
9. The Woman Who Solved Her Own Murder (0:43)
10. The Woman Who Returned Her Husband (0:53)
11. A New Husband (0:38)
12. The Girl Who Loved Horses (0:37)

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