Return of the Killer Tomatoes Songs List

Return of the Killer Tomatoes
Written by BeeBee
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Return of the Killer Tomatoes Soundtrack list – The insane Dr. Gangrene develops a new strain of violent vegetable in this sequel to the 1977 cult classic.

Dinotopia Songs List

The 25 Best Movie soundtracks of all Time

01. Big Breasted Girls / Touch Me There / Who Did It? (9:23)
02. Return of the Killer Tomatoes / Tomato Plot / Finletter Back in Action (8:40)
03. Love Theme / Tomatoes Interruptis / Searching For Tara / Tomato Dealer / Chad And Tara (5:31)
04. Going After Gangrene / FT Buys It / Happily Ever After, Until / Quadrunner Chase (7:08)

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