Remember Me Songs List

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Remember Me Soundtrack list – Tyler, a young man, meets Ally under strange circumstances. She eases his trauma, but soon Tyler happens to learn her secret which creates a divide between them.

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Remember Me Soundtrack Songs List

01. Luscious Jackson – Alien Lover
02. Kottonmouth Kings – Play On
03. National Skyline – Kandles
04. Ani DiFranco – Soft Shoulder
05. Two Ton Boa – Have Mercy
06. Ed Harcourt – Hanging With The Wrong Crowd
07. The Promise Ring – Why Did Ever We Meet
08. Supergrass – You Can See Me
09. Sparklehorse – Sea Of Teeth
10. Sigur Ros – Andvari
11. The Sea And Cake – Parasol
12. US3 – Soul Brother
13. Long Hind Legs – Open Wide
14. Fonda – The Sun Keeps Shining On Me

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