Recess: School’s Out Songs List

Recess: School’s Out
Written by BeeBee
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Recess: School’s Out Soundtrack list – After pranking on Principal Prickly on the last day of school before summer vacation, T.J. Detweiler is excited to spend the time off with his friends, only to be disappointed to learn they will all be attending different summer camps. Resigned to spending the summer alone, T.J. notices strange activity at Third Street School. Investigating further, he sees scientists performing strange experiments with a tractor beam. After neither his parents nor the police believe him, he goes to Prickly, who prepares to show T.J. the school is empty, but is dematerialized when trying to enter the building.

Desperate, T.J. blackmails his older sister Becky to drive him to all the camps to retrieve his friends. They all return with him to Third Street School, but accuse him of deceit after recovering a box of inconsequential documents from the school. T.J.’s suspicions are verified when they all see a giant laser emerging from the school roof and formulate a plan of camp during the day and meeting up at night. After T.J. finds Prickly’s discarded pants with a note reading “Help Me!” in the pocket, the gang infiltrate the school to rescue him. School snitch Randall Weems, who has been eavesdropping on them, goes to inform deputy principal Muriel Finster.

Shithouse Songs List

Recess: School’s Out SoundTrack Songs List

01. Opening (5:07)
02. Off To Camp (4:03)
03. Gathering Forces (4:46)
04. The Mission (7:55)
05. Gus Leads Them In (4:57)
06. Benedict’s Evil Plan (3:16)
07. Recess Is Saved (6:26)

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