Providence Songs List

Written by BeeBee
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Providence Soundtrack list – Clive, a frequently drunk author in declining health, is busy working on a new book at his Rhode Island home. The characters in his new story are based on his actual family, which includes his wife, Sonia; his illegitimate son, Kevin; and his son, Claude. Clive embellishes their personalities, adding heavy symbolism to create a dark, surreal tale. When they all show up for a family meal, we learn about their true natures.

Providence SoundTrack Songs List

01. Shawn Colvin – In My Life (2:36)
02. Gus Black – Laugh I Could Learn To Love (3:51)
03. Marc Cohn – The Things We’ve Handed Down (4:42)
04. Titiyo – Come Along (3:45)
05. Jonatha Brooke – Linger (4:22)
06. Rebecca Lynn Howard – Forgive (3:59)
07. Dar Williams – What Do You Hear In These Sounds (4:31)
08. Eva Cassidy – Songbird (3:45)
09. Kim Richey – Let The Sun Fall Down (4:05)
10. Andrea Bocelli – Con Te Partiro (4:12)
11. Chantal Kreviazuk – In My Life (2:37)
12. Beth Nielsen Chapman – Say Goodnight (3:58)

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