Pretty in Pink Songs List

Pretty in Pink
Written by BeeBee
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Pretty in Pink Soundtrack list – Andie, a young girl, is not popular at school. She mostly kept to her friend Iona and childhood sweetheart, Duckie. But what happens when one of the popular guys at school, falls in love with her.

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Pretty in Pink SoundTrack Songs List

01. Duckie Walks the Halls (1:09)
02. Blane Walks In (0:32)
03. Do You Know Who You Are? (0:30)
04. Blane Leaves (0:13)
05. Waiting for the Call (1:26)
06. Duckie in the Girls’ Room (1:04)
07. Don’t Waste Good Lip Gloss (0:36)
08. I Won’t Be There (0:33)
09. Duckie’s Heartbreak (0:34)
10. The Kiss (1:26)
11. Really Want This to Happen (1:24)
12. Don’t Fall in Love (0:43)
13. Cue #1 (1:08)
14. Cue #2 (Unused) (0:49)

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