Perfektas Kazas (Perfect Wedding) Songs List

Perfektas Kazas (Perfect Wedding)
Written by BeeBee
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Perfektas Kazas (Perfect Wedding) – Lindsay is about to marry the man of her dreams- until everything spirals out of control at her bachelorette party. With the wedding called off, she soon uncovers her friends devious scheme to steal away the man she loves.

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Perfektas Kazas (Perfect Wedding) Free Songs List Soundtrack

1. The Perfect Wedding (2:09)
2. The Day (2:04)
3. Mother of the bride (3:41)
4. The Photographer (1:50)
5. The bathroom (2:41)
6. What are you dooing here? (1:32)
7. The groom (1:21)
8. Father of the groom (2:03)
9. The wedding dress (3:14)
10. The ceremony (1:08)
11. The DRAMA (4:38)
12. A strange situation (1:13)
13. It’s between us (1:23)
14. What is she doing here? (3:41)
15. Driving to the Kuldiga (1:42)

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