Pee-wee’s Big Adventure / Back To School Songs List

Pee-wee’s Big Adventure / Back To School
Written by BeeBee
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Pee-wee’s Big Adventure / Back To School Soundtrack list – Pee-wee Herman has a heavily accessorized bicycle that he treasures and that his neighbor and enemy, Francis Buxton, covets. Dottie, an employee at a bike shop, has a crush on Pee-wee, but he does not reciprocate.

Pee-wee’s bike is stolen while he is shopping at a mall, but the police tell Pee-wee they cannot help him find it. Pee-wee assumes Francis took it, and confronts him, but Francis’ father convinces Pee-wee that Francis was at home when the bike was stolen. Pee-wee offers a $10,000 reward for the bike. Francis, who did indeed pay to have someone steal the bike, is disturbed by Pee-wee’s relentlessness and pays to have the bike sent away. That evening, Pee-wee holds an unsuccessful evidentiary meeting of friends and neighbors to find the bike, then rejects offers of help. He then visits a psychic who, spying a bargain basement across the street, tells Pee-wee that his bike is in the basement of the Alamo Mission in San Antonio.

The Shining Songs List

Pee-wee’s Big Adventure / Back To School SoundTrack Songs List

1. Overture/The Big Race (3:08)
2. Breakfast Machine (2:37)
3. Park Ride (1:15)
4. Stolen Bike (1:45)
5. Hitchhike (0:57)
6. Dinosaur Dream (0:48)
7. Simone’s Theme (1:36)
8. Clown Dream (1:59)
9. Studio Chase (1:25)
10. The Drive-In (2:03)
11. Finale (3:13)
12. Overture (2:13)
13. ‘Do Not Go Gently…’ (1:08)
14. The Brawl (0:53)
15. Action Medley (1:29)
16. Classroom Secretary (1:02)
17. Triple Lindy (2:04)
18. Love Suite (2:29)
19. Study Montage (2:01)

1. Jude Cole – Back to school (4:00)
2. Bobby Caldwell – Educated girl (4:03)
3. Tyson & Schwartz – Learnin’ and livin’ (3:22)
4. Michael Bolton – Everybody’s crazy (4:43)
5. Philip ingram – I’ll never forget your face (4:03)
6. Rodney Dangerfield – Twist and shout (2:53)
7. Rodney Dangerfield – Dead man’s party (6:27)
8. Tyson & Schwartz – On my way (3:33)
9. Aretha Franklin – Respect (2:26)

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