Original Gangstas Songs List

Original Gangstas
Written by BeeBee
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Original Gangstas Soundtrack list – Successful Los Angeles football coach John Bookman (Fred Williamson) returns home to Gary, Ind., when his father is murdered. Discovering the town overrun with violent street gangs, John is even more horrified to learn his father was shot by a member of the Rebels, a gang John himself helped form in his youth. John teams up with Jake (Jim Brown) and Laurie (Pam Grier), the parents of a boy who was also killed by a Rebel, to organize their neighborhood against gang violence.

Criminal Songs List

Original Gangstas SoundTrack Songs List

1. Ideal – Inner City Blues (5:41)
2. Geto Boys Feat Flaj – The World Is A Ghetto (4:42)
3. Luniz – K.O. (4:32)
4. The Click – On The Grind (3:57)
5. Junior M.A.F.I.A – White Chalk Part Ii (5:00)
6. N.O. Joe Feat 3rd Degree – How Many (6:05)
7. 3x Crazy – Flowamatic 9 (5:17)
8. Dino Of H-Town Feat Teddy – Ain’t No Fun (4:42)
9. Facemob Feat Scarface – Rivals (4:24)
10. The Almighty Rso Feat Mobb Deep – War’s On (4:20)
11. Mc Ren – Who Wanna Be The Villian (4:20)
12. Spice 1 – Slugs (4:32)
13. Ice T – How Does It Feel (4:33)
14. Smooth – Good Stuff (4:53)

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