Oceanus Songs List

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Oceanus Soundtrack list – In the year 2029, on the verge of an amazing breakthrough in whale communication, a married marine biologist and aquatic engineer are caught in a catastrophic global disaster that separates them from each other and their spectacular underwater city.

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Oceanus SoundTrack Songs List

01. Over the Ridge (3:06)
02. Out to Sea (1:01)
03. What About Us? (1:20)
04. Deploying the Pod (2:20)
05. Fixing the Pod (1:38)
06. Where Are You? (3:14)
07. The Plane (3:08)
08. The Whales (1:43)
09. The Rescue (7:03)
10. I Will Never Give This Up (3:12)
11. End Titles (3:45)
12. Where Are You? (Alternate Version) (Alternate Version) (3:36)
13. The Plane (Alternate Version) (Alternate Version) (3:21)
14. Oceanus Theme (Remix) (Remix) (4:41)

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