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Written by Cherry
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Non mi uccidere-An horror film with a teen romancer twist about a 19-year-old named Mirta, who, with her older lover, Robin, dies of a drug overdose. She then recovers alone to find out that in order to continue living, and cherishing the memory of Robin’s love, she must eat living humans.

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Non mi uccidere Free Soundtrack Songs

Released: Apr 21, 2021
Number of Tracks: 10
Quality: MP3 320 kbps / FLAC

Mirta (01:52)

Hello Darkness (feat. ORTIES) (02:49)

Ipnotico (03:53)

Lacrime Nere (02:40)

Sara (01:54)

Buon Appetito (01:29)

Notturno (02:33)

Robin E Mirta (02:46)

Luna (02:16)

Non mi uccidere (feat. Alice Pagani) (03:34)


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