No Reservations Songs List

No Reservations
Written by BeeBee
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No Reservations Soundtrack list – Kate Armstrong is the head chef at the trendy 22 Bleecker Street Restaurant in Manhattan’s West Village. She runs her kitchen at a rapid pace as she coordinates the making and preparation of all the fantastic meals, and personally displays the food to perfection on every dish.

Kate intimidates everyone around her, including her boss Paula, who sends her to therapy. She hates to leave the kitchen when a customer wants to compliment her on one of her special dishes; however, she shoots out of the kitchen in an instant when a customer insults her cooking.

When Kate’s sister Christine is killed in a car accident, her nine-year-old niece, Zoe, must move in with her. Kate is devastated by her sister’s death and with all of her problems, Paula decides to hire a new sous chef to join the staff, Nick Palmer, who is a rising star in his own right and could be the head chef of any restaurant he pleased. Nick, however, wants to work under Kate.

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No Reservations SoundTrack Songs List

1. (Conrad Pope) Truffles And Quail (1:35)
2. (Michael Buble) Sway (3:11)
3. (Luciano Pavarotti) Celeste Aida (3:33)
4. (Renata Tebaldi) O mio babbino caro (2:13)
5. (Philip Glass) Zoe and Kate Watch Video (2:12)
6. (Joan Sutherland and Carlo Bergonzi) Libiamo ne’ lieti calici (3:05)
7. (Paolo Conte) Via con me (2:32)
8. (Joseph Calleja) La donna ‘e mobile (2:14)
9. (Renata Tebaldi) Un bel di (4:56)
10. (Philip Glass) Zoe Goes To The Restaurant (1:33)
11. (Luciano Pavarotti) Cielo e mar (5:03)
12. (Ray Gelato) Mambo Gelato (2:59)
13. (Luciano Pavarotti) Nessun dorma (2:58)
14. (Liz Phair) Count On My Love (3:40)

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