No Filter (Chamboultout) Songs List

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No Filter (Chamboultout) Soundtrack list – Béatrice celebrates the release of her book in which she recounts her husband Frédéric’s accident, an accident that caused him to lose his sight. Frédéric, for his part, has become a man obsessed with food and saying whatever he thinks, without any filter. Beatrice, despite the psychological change of her man, still loves him as much. In her book, Béatrice also included anecdotes about her friends and, even though she changed their names, they recognize each other, which causes a stir in the group.

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No Filter (Chamboultout) SoundTrack Songs List

1. Un matin sans pareil (1:58)
2. Wandering (1:38)
3. Une après-midi entre amis (1:46)
4. La valse des poilus (2:00)
5. Une après-midi entre amis (Autour de la piscine) (1:05)
6. Francis tu vas nous manquer (1:27)
7. Un apéritif à Biarritz (0:56)
8. L’amour de face (1:16)
9. L’amour de dos (1:59)
10. La méditation c’est pas pour moi (0:55)
11. La recherche de Fred (1:27)
12. Les retrouvailles (0:38)

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