Nick Cave: Blonde Songs List

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Nick Cave: Blonde Soundtrack list – As a child, Norma Jeane Mortenson grew up being raised by her mentally unstable mother Gladys. On her seventh birthday in 1933, she is given a framed picture of a man Gladys claims is her father. Later that night, a fire breaks out in the Hollywood Hills, and Gladys drives Norma Jeane up there, claiming that her father lives there, but is forced to go back home at the orders of the police. An enraged Gladys tries to drown Norma Jeane in the bathtub when she asks about her father but lets her go. Norma Jeane escapes to the house of her neighbor, Miss Flynn, who promises she will be fine. A few days later, Norma Jeane is sent to an orphanage while Gladys is admitted to a mental hospital, having been declared unfit to raise a child.

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Nick Cave: Blonde SoundTrack Songs List

1. Pearly 6:43
2. Shard 2:52
3. Fire in the Hills 3:58
4. Gemini 5:22
5. Abortion 2:31
6. Glass Sliver 1:01
7. Gemini Acoustic 6:05
8. Goddess of Love on a Subway Grating 2:24
9. Strawberry 1:46
10. Bright Horses (Instrumental) 3:46
11. Peroxide 6:21
12. I Love Love Love You All 3:11
13. Wig 3:23
14. Nembutal 2:55
15. A World of Light 6:46

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