Naked Singularity Songs List

Naked Singularity
Written by BeeBee
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Naked Singularity Soundtrack list – Casi is a promising young New York City public defender whose idealism is beginning to crack under the daily injustices of the very justice system he’s trying to make right. Doubting all he has worked for and seeing signs of the universe collapsing all around him, he is pulled into a dangerous, high-stakes drug heist by an unpredictable former client in an effort to beat the broken system at its own game.

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Naked Singularity SoundTrack Songs List

01. Title (0:59)
02. I Am A Public Defender (1:29)
03. Possibilities (1:34)
04. A Guy of Mine (1:01)
05. Why Risk It? (2:39)
06. The Golem (1:39)
07. Corpse (0:55)
08. Think Of The Lives That Could Change (2:18)
09. The Merging (1:55)
10. Everyone Deserves a Second Chance (1:22)
11. Naked Singularity (2:35)
12. So What’s The Plan? (1:59)
13. Auction (2:19)
14. Tow Pound (2:05)
15. There’s a World Where We Do (0:55)
16. Power Outage (1:06)
17. Storm the Beaches (1:33)
18. Black Hole (1:16)
19. Make It Count (1:58)

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