My Special Boy Songs List

My Special Boy
Written by BeeBee
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Ainbo Soundtrack list – There is no denying that Camp Crystal Lake has a dark history, one that Sean Orton is intent on ignoring. Despite being warned against returning to his childhood Camp, Sean’s desire to save his family name proves to be even stronger. Sean rechristens the grounds as Camp Trinity Pointe, and with a group of friends, he attempts to rebuild it into a safe haven with no traces of tragedy left behind. But the evil that still lingers on the Camp grounds is a stark reminder that History always repeats itself, and revenge is a dish best served cold.

All Quiet on the Western Front Songs List

Ainbo SoundTrack Songs List

1. They Killed Our Son 3:30
2. Arrival to Camp Trinity Pointe 1:54
3. Does April Know? 0:48
4. Barbed Wire to the Throat 1:54
5. Trying to Forget 1:36
6. Blood on the Mirror 0:50
7. They Must Be Punished 2:00
8. Genesis 2:44
9. Chelsea Smile 0:46
10. Find the Others 0:48
11. Kill for Mother (Extended Version) 1:18
12. Red Solo Cup’d 0:46
13. Dead Friends 1:46
14. Hurt, Missing, Or Dead 3:28
15. Visions of Mother 1:26
16. Hand-To-Hand 1:34
17. Sean vs. Jason 3:58
18. Where HE Belongs 1:20
19. My Special Boy (End Credits) 2:33

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