My Demon Lover Songs List

My Demon Lover
Written by BeeBee
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Paulie Soundtrack list – Denny is a young woman with horrible luck in men. Her latest encounters have been particularly bad, so when she meets the horny and homeless street musician Kaz she thinks that she may have found a good man. Little does she know that Kaz was cursed by the mother of a young girl he was messing around when he was in middle school. Whenever he becomes aroused he becomes a demon. When young women begin to die throughout the city, Kaz begins to wonder if he is “The Mangler” that is murdering them. His worries are compounded when Denny’s friend Sonia, a psychic, receives a vision that seems to confirm his suspicions. The killer is ultimately revealed to be Charles, who kidnaps Denny. To save Denny Kaz sleeps with Sonia to trigger his transformation. He saves Denny and is cured of his curse, while Charles is defeated.

The Card Counter Songs List

My Demon Lover SoundTrack Songs List

01. Intro – What’s Up (0:39)
02. Headless Granny (1:20)
03. Subway Kills (1:05)
04. Transformation (1:45)
05. Possessed Room (1:22)
06. Hospital (1:29)
07. Rainy Window (1:28)
08. The Chase (3:12)
09. Charles Shows Castle (1:14)
10. The Mangles (0:46)
11. Kaz and Denny (1:02)
12. Fly To The Castle (0:59)
13. Sonja’s Call (1:05)
14. Flashback Sequence (1:02)
15. Fuse (0:51)
16. Doggie Talk (0:56)
17. Finale (5:58)
18. Chip Returns – Fixers’ Tricks (1:13)
19. Sonja’s Kiss (0:44)
20. Voodoo Shop (0:28)
21. Sonja’s Plan (0:44)
22. Dynamite – Kaz Saves Denny (1:13)

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