Music Got Me Here Songs List

Music Got Me Here
Written by BeeBee
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Music Got Me Here Soundtrack list – In a freak snowboarding accident, Forrest, age 18, suffers a life threatening traumatic brain injury that leaves him trapped inside himself — unable to speak or move for nearly two years. Tom, an eccentric music therapist with a troubled childhood, will do anything to get a response from Forrest. He dresses up in costumes and makes up silly songs. For months, Forrest doesn’t even acknowledge him. Then, one day Forrest painstakingly types with one finger on his Dynavox: “Please help me find my voice.” Tom begins by teaching Forrest to breathe…then hum. After many months of painstaking practice, the hums turn into Forrest’s first two words. Within weeks, he’s singing entire songs and speaking in sentences. Forrest is just getting his voice — and life — back, when he’s faced with one medical setback after another. Shortly after his 21st birthday, a serious infection requires surgeons to remove the prosthetic implant protecting his brain, where a large part of his skull was removed after his accident. Without any protection for his brain, Forrest begins to decline – his words become garbled and his ability to survive is uncertain. The clock is ticking. Surgeons at Johns Hopkins Hospital agree to perform a groundbreaking surgery, never before performed on a civilian. It’s Forrest’s last hope — and very risky. Filmed over the course of five years, this is a remarkable story about the power of music to heal and transform lives, often in miraculous ways.

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Music Got Me Here SoundTrack Songs List

01. Opening Credits (3:18)
02. Snowboard Credits (0:58)
03. Should Forest Still Be Here? (1:38)
04. Help Me Find My Voice (0:33)
05. Unforgettable (1:02)
06. Tom’s Back Story (2:25)
07. George Washington Hospital (2:25)
08. Tom Contemplates (1:35)
09. Awkward Breakfast (1:02)
10. Surgery Montage (2:10)
11. Morning Facetime (2:12)
12. End of Graduation (0:50)
13. Tom Washing Dishes (0:56)
14. Graduation (1:28)
15. Hospital Waiting Room (1:35)
16. Dr. Kumar Visit (0:53)
17. Post-Surgery (1:01)

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