Mr. Woodcock Songs List

Mr. Woodcock
Written by BeeBee
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Mr. Woodcock Soundtrack list – John Farley is a successful self-help author of the bestseller Letting Go: How to Get Past Your Past, who returns to his hometown in Nebraska to receive an award. Farley arrives home and learns that his widowed mother Beverly is dating his former P.E. teacher Jasper Woodcock. Farley disapproves of the relationship because he remembers Woodcock as an abusive bully.

Woodcock and Beverly become engaged and the majority of the film centers on Farley’s attempts to convince his mother to break off the relationship, with the help of his best friend, Nedderman. Farley becomes increasingly obsessed with beating Woodcock at various competitions and with proving that Woodcock is not a suitable mate for Beverly. Farley’s antics are so childish and extreme that his new love interest Tracy, a former classmate, refuses to see him again.

Farley is set to receive his award at the same ceremony where Woodcock will be presented with an award for being “Educator of the Year.” Woodcock receives his award first and is praised by numerous members of the community for being a great teacher and influence on children. Farley is unconvinced and devotes his entire acceptance speech to explaining why Woodcock is the “biggest asshole on the planet.” Woodcock and various crowd members refute Farley’s points, and Woodcock then challenges Farley to a fight. Beverly witnesses the confrontation and dumps Woodcock.

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Mr. Woodcock SoundTrack Songs List

01. Woodcock’s World (2:30)
02. Going Home, Pt. 1 (0:34)
03. Going Home, Pt. 2 (0:42)
04. The Guru (1:18)
05. Hugs (1:55)
06. Meet The Boyfriend (1:05)
07. Angry Jog (0:36)
08. Blame Sandwich (1:30)
09. Meat (0:45)
10. Slow Burn #1 (0:30)
11. Tracy (0:51)
12. So Good (0:36)
13. Wrestling Flashback (1:05)
14. Back Home (0:37)
15. Whistle Dip (0:49)
16. Not Russia (0:27)
17. Work Out (1:38)
18. Into The Pool (1:38)
19. Married Before (1:09)
20. Sally’s House (0:28)
21. Cheating On Her (0:37)
22. Try To Get Along (0:48)
23. Video Troubles (0:28)
24. Ate That Corn (0:35)
25. Slow Burn #2 (0:52)
26. Stakeout (0:56)
27. The Break-In (2:22)
28. Better Than Internet (0:19)
29. Ceremony (1:04)
30. Let Him Go (0:57)
31. Pure Evil (2:00)
32. Dumped (0:26)
33. Get The Rentals (0:13)
34. Gotta Go (0:45)
35. You Had Me (1:01)
36. The Last Wrestle (2:04)
37. Clams (0:11)
38. Gurney Ride (1:09)
39. The Last Wrestle-alt intro (0:22)
40. Forgive Me (1:08)

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