Mr. Harrigan’s Phone Songs List

Mr. Harrigan’s Phone
Written by BeeBee
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Mr. Harrigan’s Phone Soundtrack list – Craig becomes acquainted with retired businessman Mr. John Harrigan following the death of his mother, with instructions to simply read to him three times a week. As five years pass, a teenage Craig and elderly Harrigan become fast friends, despite Harrigan showing some anti-social tendencies. During this time, Craig starts high school and becomes relatively close to his teacher Ms. Hart, who comes to his aid when Kenny, a school bully, attempts to intimidate him. After winning $3,000 from a lottery ticket that Harrigan gave him and receiving his first iPhone for Christmas, Craig buys Harrigan one too, despite Harrigan first showing resistance to new technology.

Harrigan dies unexpectedly, leaving Craig rather broken at the loss of his old friend. At the funeral, Craig sneaks Harrigan’s phone into his suit. He is then informed by Harrigan’s associates that he was left a bequest in Harrigan’s will and will receive $800,000 in his trust fund, knowing Craig wanted to go to college and be a writer. Craig calls Harrigan’s phone as a small gesture of thanks and regret. However, the next morning he finds that Harrigan sent him an odd text message. His father chalks it up to it being a bug within the iPhone itself.

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Mr. Harrigan’s Phone SoundTrack Songs List

01. As I Remember (2:22)
02. Mr. Harrigan (3:34)
03. My Mum’s Death (2:26)
04. Research Mr Harrigan (1:05)
05. Red Devil (0:53)
06. They Shoot Horses (2:06)
07. Bully (0:30)
08. Harshly (1:20)
09. Tough To Beat (1:04)
10. I Settled Here (2:20)
11. Mr Harrigan’s Death (2:12)
12. Mr Harrigan’s Burial (2:39)
13. You May Be In The Will (1:34)
14. I Will Miss Our Afternoons Together (2:17)
15. Cemetery (1:10)
16. An Orchid Maybe (1:16)
17. I Did What I Promised To You (4:55)
18. Do You Believe In Ghosts (2:03)
19. You Did (2:29)
20. a a C C C (0:58)
21. Cut It Off (1:11)
22. Thank You, God (1:08)
23. Bad News (1:28)
24. He Did Get Awway (2:45)
25. I Want Him Dead (2:41)
26. You Can Rest Now (5:28)
27. The Ledges (1:57)
28. I Won’t Miss Our Afternoons Together (2:13)

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