Miss Scarlet & The Duke Songs List

Miss Scarlet & The Duke
Written by BeeBee
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Miss Scarlet & The Duke Soundtrack list – When her father dies, Eliza Scarlet finds herself facing a difficult choice. As an unmarried woman, she faces poverty without a husband to provide for her — unless she takes on the challenge of running her late father’s detective agency, which would be unthinkable for a respectable Victorian lady. Fortunately, she finds an unlikely partner in the unconventional Detective Inspector William Wellington of Scotland Yard, known as “The Duke,” and the pair begin to tackle the crimes and mysteries of Victorian London together.

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Miss Scarlet & The Duke SoundTrack Songs List

01. He is Passed (2:31)
02. Shut Your Mouth (2:39)
03. Waiting (0:58)
04. End Credits (0:35)
05. Dinner (2:11)
06. The Hanging (1:58)
07. Not Today I Hope (3:00)
08. Thank You (1:35)
09. Have Dinner With Me (1:31)
10. Miss Scarlet Opening Titles (0:44)
11. Get Back to Work (1:54)
12. A Man With a Gun (2:30)
13. A Glass of Water (1:42)
14. I Am The Favoured Whore (0:49)
15. She Knew (2:39)
16. Why Are Your Hands Shaking (2:30)

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