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Megamind Soundtrack list – Supervillain Megamind and his arch-nemesis, the superhero Metro Man, are both aliens who were sent to Earth as infants before their planets were sucked into a black hole. Though both land in Metro City at the same time, Metro Man is raised in a mansion, while Megamind is raised in a prison. He eventually goes to the same school as Metro Man, who is well-liked by his classmates. Megamind, however, is bullied by everyone until he concludes his purpose is to be a supervillain, setting off a rivalry between him and Metro Man. In the present, Megamind, aided by his fish-like companion Minion, frequently and unsuccessfully battles Metro Man for control of the city.

At the grand opening of the new Metro Man Museum, Megamind escapes prison, kidnaps reporter Roxanne Ritchi, and lures Metro Man to an abandoned observatory to rescue her. Once there, Metro Man collapses, saying the copper-lined observatory roof weakens his powers; Megamind then blasts Metro Man with a sun-powered weapon, apparently killing him. Overjoyed that he has finally won, Megamind takes over the city and goes on a crime spree. However, he eventually becomes depressed and purposeless with no hero to fight.

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Megamind SoundTrack Songs List

01. 1m0 Opening (1:03)
02. 1m1-2 Face Of Evil (4:29)
03. 1m3s-4 Baddest Boy Of Them All (1:29)
04. 1m5 MetroMan Day (1:26)
05. 1m5b Kidnapping Roxanne (0:35)
06. 1m6 Escape From Prison (1:22)
07. 1m8s MetroMan Ceremony (Horn) (0:49)
08. 1m8sc MetroMan Ceremony (Sax) (0:49)
09. 1m9 MegaMind’s Evil Lair (1:12)
10. 1m10 Wooing Roxanne (1:21)
11. 1m11s MetroMan’s Celebration (0:29)
12. 1m12 MegaMind Crashes Party (0:28)
13. 2m13 MetroMan To The Rescue (2:22)
14. 2m14 MetroMan’s Weakness Revealed (0:46)
15. 2m15 MetroMan Arrives (0:50)
16. 2m22a Megamind In City Hall (1:32)
17. 2m22b Meloncholy (2:10)
18. 3m24 MetroMan Rememberedddd (2:33)
19. 3m25-26 If Only, Hatches A Plan (3:09)
20. 3m27 Roxanne Finds Mega’s Lair (3:41)
21. 3m28s Roxanne Opens Exit Door (0:13)
22. 3m29-30 Rox and Bernard Hug – Destiny Of Hal (3:40)
23. 4m31 Love On A Blanket (0:39)
24. 4m32 Hal Becomes Titan (1:35)
25. 4m33 Mega and Minion Fall Out (1:47)
26. 4m34 Roxanne Meets Titan (2:42)
27. 4m35 Rox and Bernard Dinner Date (2:31)
28. 4m36 Rejection On The Train (1:44)
29. 5m37 Black Mamba Revealed (1:12)
30. 5m40a-c Being A Hero Is For Losers (4:53)
31. 5m41a Mega and Fox Join Forces (1:17)
32. 5m41b-c Hey Stinger (0:48)
33. 5m42 MetroMan Flashback (1:40)
34. 5m44-45 Rox Gives Meg A Pep Talk (2:36)
35. 6m47-48 Rox In Jeopardy and Hal Terrorizes City (3:08)
36. 6m52-53 Drama Queen – We Did It (1:40)
37. 6m54 JXL – Bad Tail (1:02)
38. 6m55 End Credits (3:33)
39. Hal’s Theme (2:14)
40. Love Theme (2:36)
41. Stars And Tights (6M60) (1:26) (192 kbs)

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