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Master Soundtrack list – Gail Bishop becomes the newly-appointed and first Black master of Ancaster, an elite university in New England. The students at the school believe it is cursed by the ghost of Margaret Millett, who was accused of witchcraft and hanged nearby. Jasmine Moore moves in as a freshman, and is assigned to room 302 along with her white roommate Amelia. Their room was once occupied in 1965 by Louisa Weeks, Ancaster’s first Black undergraduate, who committed suicide by hanging in her dorm.

Jasmine initially makes friends with Amelia’s rich white friends, although they ask her to clean up spilled drinks and don’t pay her back for a pizza she orders. At a party, Amelia’s crush kisses Jasmine and Amelia sees them. Amelia whispers to Jasmine that she hates her despite the roommates telling Gail everything is fine between them. Gail’s new residence develops a maggot infestation.

Jasmine starts having nightmares and begins to believe that her English professor Liv Beckman is purposely giving her bad grades. She files a dispute, which impacts Liv’s application for tenure. Jasmine is attacked by a presence in a black cloak that plants a noose on her door, burns a cross, and causes her to fall out of a window. Amelia eventually drops out. Jasmine tells Gail about the presence, which Gail believes is a racist student. Jasmine is found a few days later dead in her room, hanged.

Universal Soldier: The Return Songs List

Master SoundTrack Songs List

01. Ancaster (2:38)
02. Ringing the Bell (3:23)
03. Unease (0:32)
04. Be Safe (0:55)
05. Can Somebody Get the Lights? (2:08)
06. The Portrait (1:08)
07. That’s What’s Coming (4:28)
08. Dream Walk (0:40)
09. Jasmine Investigates (1:45)
10. Vandalism (0:50)
11. The Cross (2:25)
12. Elisheba (1:48)
13. The Chase (2:15)
14. The Hospital (3:13)
15. Jasmine and the Primal Scream (1:45)
16. Departures (Excerpt) (6:27)
17. The Legends of Ancaster (2:24)
18. Ancaster Return (1:43)
19. Ancaster (Open Alt) (3:16)
20. Memorial (Bonus) (4:43)
21. Night Terrors (Bonus) (2:44)
22. Margaret Millett (3:52)
23. Margaret Millett Variations (2:16)
24. Margaret Millett Variations 2 (3:50)
25. We’ve Got a Live One (0:48)

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