Man of a Thousand Faces Songs List

Man of a Thousand Faces
Written by BeeBee
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Man of a Thousand Faces Soundtrack list – Lon Chaney is a charismatic young man breaking into vaudeville as a juggler and mime. He falls in love with his new assistant, Cleva, but when he reveals that he grew up as the son of two deaf-mute parents, she reacts with horror and disgust. The psychologically unbalanced Cleva leaves Chaney shortly after their son is born, but when he moves to Hollywood, remarries and becomes a movie star, she returns in an attempt to get back into her son’s life.

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Man of a Thousand Faces SoundTrack Songs List

01. Main Title (7:03)
02. Forgiveness (4:29)
03. Apprehension (3:28)
04. In Stitches (3:46)
05. Married Strangers (1:34)
06. Box of Tricks (2:25)
07. Family Circle (9:03)
08. Frightened Father (2:33)
09. End Title (6:41)

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