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Ma Soundtrack list – Teenager Maggie Thompson moves with her mother, Erica, to her mother’s Ohio hometown after Erica’s husband leaves her. At her new high school, Maggie befriends Haley, Darrell, Chaz, and Andy, who immediately develops a crush on her. They convince Sue Ann “Ma” Ellington, a veterinary technician, to help them buy alcohol. Sue Ann anonymously reports their activities, but they are released because of the officer’s history with Andy’s father, Ben. The next day Sue Ann invites the teenagers to drink in her basement. Over time, many other teenagers arrive at her house to party, making her popular among the students.

However, the group grows annoyed as Sue Ann continuously harasses them to spend time with her. One night she drugs Maggie and takes her earrings. The next morning Maggie finds cuts and bruises on her body and her earrings missing. A scared Maggie tells Andy she no longer wants to go to Sue Ann’s house and that she does not want him to go either. To earn the group’s trust back, Sue Ann lies that she has pancreatic cancer. Haley notices Sue Ann wearing a bracelet belonging to a friend. The girls suspect that Sue Ann has been stealing their jewelry and break into her house to investigate. They are surprised by Genie, Sue Ann’s daughter from a failed marriage; Maggie is surprised to see her walking, as she uses a wheelchair at school. Maggie and Haley escape as Sue Ann comes home.

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Ma SoundTrack Songs List

1. I Was Just A Kid (1:52)
2. You Can Beat It Ma (1:40)
3. Pretty Cool, Huh? (0:52)
4. Nobody’s Here But You And Me (1:40)
5. Mercedes Stakeout (1:14)
6. Modern Babes In A Modern World (0:42)
7. It’s Five O’clock Somewhere (0:57)
8. You Don’t Look So Well (2:04)
9. Not Saying Shit (1:22)
10. Hey Ma, Loser (1:21)
11. Pow (0:45)
12. Cool It With The Pics (1:02)
13. Go Feed The Animals (1:01)
14. You’re Making Your Business My Business (0:52)
15. This Is Your One Warning (1:37)
16. All In Boxes (0:58)
17. Sue Ann Flashback (0:35)
18. Maybe I Should Cut It Off (2:46)
19. You’re Missing Out (2:10)
20. That Much Diazepem (1:11)
21. Those Big Doe Eyes (1:22)
22. This Ought To Shut You Up (2:06)
23. We Have History (1:39)
24. Who’s In The House? (1:13)
25. Set The Picture (1:42)
26. I Am Not My Mother (2:53)
27. Up In Flames (1:48)

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