L’uomo sulla strada Songs List

L'uomo sulla strada
Written by BeeBee
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L’uomo sulla strada Soundtrack list – Irene is only eight years old when she witnesses her father’s death at the hands of a hit-and-run. Haunted by the sense of guilt of not being able to remember the killer’s face, Irene becomes a rebellious and introverted teen with the sole obsession of getting herself justice. She leaves school and finds a job in the factory owned by the very man who was driving the car, the glacial and fascinating Michele. While she doesn’t seem to recognize him, he doesn’t have any doubts. From the first moment he sees her, Michele immediately feels a strong protective instinct towards the girl, which soon turns into love. Irene, completely unaware, starts opening herself up and confiding in the very man she is chasing. As the circle tightens around Michele, something unexpected happens.

The Boat Songs List

L’uomo sulla strada SoundTrack Songs List

1. Smokeland 4:28
2. Chainedthought 3:04
3. Waterflow 3:24
4. Blackout 3:48
5. Speedrun 3:43
6. Icewalking 3:48
7. Glasstouch 3:09
8. Reminiscence 3:36
9. Rewindtime 1:48
10. Bruteforce 1:49
11. Hiddenwatcher 2:44
12. Outofreach 2:31
13. Comeback 3:04
14. Breath 2:45
15. Goingnowhere 2:28
16. Sinrelease 4:38
17. I Am Ready 4:03
18. Is This Real? (feat. Matthew Costa) 3:36
19. Love Me to the Core 4:20
20. I’m Yours (feat. Danilo Pao) 5:40
21. Reality (feat. Erika Savastani) 3:51

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