Love at Second Sight (Mon inconnue) Songs List

Love at Second Sight (Mon inconnue)
Written by BeeBee
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Love at Second Sight (Mon inconnue) Soundtrack list – Raphaël is a student who writes a science fiction novel during his school lessons, but doesn’t dare showing it to anyone. One day he falls in love with Olivia, another student, who is a promising pianist. Raphaël rewrites his novel, incorporating a new character based on Olivia. With Olivia’s help, Raphaël becomes a famous sci-fi writer. The two marry, but soon Raphaël gradually distances himself from Olivia, who abandons her career path and becomes a school music teacher.

One evening, Raphaël, finalising his sequel novel, decides to kill off the female character he based on Olivia, and on the same night, he has a huge argument with her. After a snowstorm, the next morning, Raphaël finds himself in a parallel world in which Olivia has never met him and doesn’t even know who he is. In this world, she is now a successful and famous pianist while he is a literature teacher who has never completed his novel.

Having realised what has happened, Raphaël attempts to return to his former world. With the help of his best friend Félix, he learns more about his life in this world and manages to talk to Olivia. However, he discovers she is now in a relationship with her manager, Marc. Under the false pretext of writing her biography, Raphaël spends more time with Olivia and makes her fall for him again. Still, Olivia accepts Marc’s proposal when he asks her to marry him, and tells Raphaël she wishes she met him years ago.

In a last attempt to get his life back, Raphaël rewrites his sequel novel with a different end, and guesses that Olivia reading it may be the key to reverse the reality. He then gives it to Olivia and asks her to read it as a last favour. When she starts reading the novel, it begins to snow like the night they had the argument. As a result, Raphaël understands his theory is working. But, as he is reminiscing his whole love story with Olivia, he realises she is maybe better off without him. While Olivia is performing on stage, he takes back the novel before she can finish it, and chooses to stay in this world where Olivia appears happier. At the end, Olivia decides to leave Marc, and joins Raphaël to kiss him in a final scene.

Breakthrough Songs List

Love at Second Sight (Mon inconnue) SoundTrack Songs List

1. Someday Baby (4:20)
2. Until Tomorrow (Only Love) (1:46)
3. Shadow (1:02)
4. The Storm (2:21)
5. A Complete Stranger (1:56)
6. The Dinner (1:33)
7. Twice Upon a Time (2:02)
8. Train Station (0:56)
9. Ten Years Too Late (2:26)
10. Rewrite (1:50)
11. Goodbye My Friend (2:04)
12. Love at Second Sight (2:38)

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