Looks That Kill Songs List

Looks That Kill
Written by BeeBee
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Looks That Kill Soundtrack list – The story is of sixteen-year-old Max, who has a strange condition: a face so angelic it can be lethal. He is constantly alone until he meets Alex, a girl with her own bizarre ailment who aids him on his quest of self-destruction, without accidentally killing anyone by showing his face. Alex suffers from a rare heart disease that causes her heart to grow if she feels any emotion (happiness-anger-sorrow-jealousy), because it can’t process them.

The two meet after he accidentally kills his latest therapist with his face. Max wants to jump off a bridge to kill himself, but Alex talks him out of it by saying, “You jump, I’ll jump.” He pursues her, and a week-long search leads him to her bus stop.

They have an adventure of young love, with Alex even taking him to a place she has never showed anyone else; the retirement home she volunteers at. One friend of hers who resides at the home, Esther, is writing a novel of her descent into Alzheimer’s.

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Looks That KillSoundTrack Songs List

1. Opening Sequence 2:40
2. The Call 1:04
3. First Shoot 2:53
4. Peeking 0:53
5. Sofa Discussion 1:17
6. BTL Killer Update 0:38
7. Rum Runners 3:47
8. City Transition 1 0:23
9. Uncomfortable Shoot 1:51
10. City Transition 2 0:17
11. The Cheques 1:17
12. Billboard 0:51
13. Missing Items 5:37
14. Rumours 1:58
15. City Transition 3 0:16
16. New Models 1:15
17. I Need Work! 0:58
18. The Pickup 1:14
19. Decision Time 1:28
20. Underwear Shoot 3:58
21. All Wrapped Up 3:16
22. What Did You Think of Lisa? 2:20
23. By The Bins 1:40
24. Shoot & Alley 3:34
25. It’s On 3:06
26. Electrics 9:02
27. Showdown 3:29
28. Final Scene & Credits 1:46

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