Little Darlings Songs List

Little Darlings
Written by BeeBee
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Little Darlings Soundtrack list – At camp for the summer, two teenage girls from very different backgrounds face off in an unexpected contest. Streetwise Angel (Kristy McNichol) comes from a poor neighborhood, while naïve Ferris (Tatum O’Neal) has never wanted for anything. Both girls are on the brink of womanhood and, due to some intense peer pressure, they agree to compete to see who can lose her virginity first. But their impressions of sex and love are challenged as they race toward adulthood.

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Little Darlings SoundTrack Songs List

1. Little Darlings (Intro) 0:28
2. Destiny (Lemar) 2:55
3. On the Water 3:22
4. Just a Little (feat. Lemar) 2:24
5. Music Makes Me 2:16
6. See Your Soul (Lemar) 2:33
7. Little Darlings 2:16

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