Letters Songs List

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Letters Soundtrack list – Set against the backdrop of the Cervical Check scandal that rocks Ireland “THE LETTERS” tells the story of three women from different walks of life who have weeks to live due to the false results of their cervical cancer checks.

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Letters SoundTrack Songs List

01. Incoming Letter (1:19)
02. Funeral (2:56)
03. Walking in the Night (1:43)
04. Dreaming of the Sea (1:35)
05. Mother (2:27)
06. Crying (5:00)
07. Leaving Home (5:45)
08. Cremation (1:50)
09. Into the Sea (5:06)
10. Walking in the Rain (1:41)
11. Goodbye (1:57)
12. Writing a Letter (1:29)

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