Let Us Prey Songs List

Let Us Prey
Written by BeeBee
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Let Us Prey Soundtrack list – A mysterious man arrives in a small town in Scotland where PC Rachel Heggie awakens from a nightmare about being abused as a child before heading out on patrol. Whilst on patrol, Heggie witnesses Francis “Caesar” Sargison’s car strike the mystery man. He disappears, and Heggie arrests Caesar. At the police station, she is greeted by Sgt Jim Macready, who charges Caesar with reckless driving. Heggie radios PCs Jennifer Mundie and Jack Warnock to find the victim before taking Caesar to the cells, where he joins his teacher, Mr. Ralph Beswick, arrested for beating his wife.

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Let Us Prey SoundTrack Songs List

01. Opening Theme (Let Us Prey) (3:40)
02. The Doctor Will See You Now (1:17)
03. Rachel’s Theme (2:22)
04. Feather on My Pillow (1:42)
05. It’s Only You That Falls (2:12)
06. Girl on the Windscreen (1:09)
07. Wish You Hadn’t Brought Him into This (2:58)
08. No Rear Exit (2:34)
09. We’re Cast Out (2:29)
10. Very Christian of You (2:06)
11. An Empty Space (1:11)
12. Their Fates Are Sealed (1:32)
13. The Blood and the Vengeance (2:00)
14. Ding Dong (2:01)
15. The People Will Be Fuel (2:53)
16. Rachel, You Begged (2:28)
17. Gather up the Devils (feat. Masha) (4:29)

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