Les Survivants Songs List

Les Survivants
Written by BeeBee
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Les Survivants Soundtrack list – Nicolas Roulet is released from prison after 15 years of detention and he sincerely wants to rebuild his life: looking for a job and starting a family. In jail, he took refuge in himself, cutting off from everything. This withdrawal has left its mark, Nicolas remains fragile. Thanks to his friend John, he finds a job as an unpacker in a cardboard factory, and meets there Nadia, the secretary. It is love at first sight. But Nicolas remains captivated by the forever enigmatic link between our sharpest individuality and these collective commitments with which we exist through others. The encounter with the group of young people, his relationship with two homeless people, his view of the contemporary world, all of that will wake up the rebellious side the thought was buried: his rejection of injustice, his desire to be supportive. He soon finds himself torn.

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Les Survivants SoundTrack Songs List

1. Archives (1:48)
2. Aqua (1:56)
3. The Curve Below (1:35)
4. The Curve Above (0:44)
5. A Mourning Chalet (1:55)
6. Fantasma (2:15)
7. Primo Passo (3:06)
8. Secondo Passo (2:51)
9. Terzo Passo (2:35)
10. Focolare (1:57)
11. Cani Arrabbiati (6:07)
12. Mano Bianca (3:21)
13. Hoste, Pt. 1 (2:30)
14. Hostel, Pt 2 (1:41)
15. Hostel, Pt. 3 (1:31)
16. Salvatore (1:24)
17. Scena De La Prima (1:29)
18. Le premier jour (2:53)
19. Finale Les Survivants (3:51)
20. Addendum (0:55)

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