Les Rascals(Rascals) Songs List

Les Rascals(Rascals)
Written by BeeBee
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Les Rascals(Rascals) Soundtrack list – Paris, 1984. A young gang from the suburbs, called “Les Rascals”, likes to spend their time partying and flirting in the heart of the capital. From time to time, they end up noticing the arrival of boneheads who are ultra-violent: this is the beginning of the chaos between this far-right movement and the Rascals

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Les Rascals(Rascals) SoundTrack Songs List

1. Watch Out (2:48)
2. La fêlure (2:39)
3. Guet-apens (1:55)
4. Le pardon (1:08)
5. Non-retour (2:41)
6. Mort de Mitch (1:03)
7. Photos souvenirs (1:35)
8. Hôpital (2:43)
9. Représailles (2:15)
10. Mort de Rico (1:03)
11. Arrête-toi (2:25)
12. Watch Out Alternative version (2:19)

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