Les Cadors(Top Dogs) Songs List

Les Cadors
Written by BeeBee
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Les Cadors(Top Dogs) Soundtrack list – Christian, single, unemployed and incorrigible brawler. But when Antoine, the ideal husband, finds himself embroiled in a dirty story, it’s the unloved Christian who, even if he hasn’t been asked anything, arrives in Cherbourg to come to his rescue.

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Les Cadors(Top Dogs) SoundTrack Songs List

1. Cadors (4:00)
2. Prologue (3:13)
3. Flashback (2:48)
4. Christian (1:47)
5. Les neveux (2:03)
6. Panne moteur (1:28)
7. Antoine et Christian (2:18)
8. Antoine (2:02)
9. Marie (2:13)
10. Epilogue (2:22)
11. Thème principal (1:35)

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