Le Lycéen Songs List

Le Lycéen
Written by BeeBee
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Le Lycéen Soundtrack list – Winter Boy is a French drama film, directed by Christophe Honoré and released in 2022. The film stars Paul Kircher as Lucas, a gay teenager coping with the sudden and unexpected death of his father in an accident that may or may not have been suicide.

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Le Lycéen SoundTrack Songs List

1. Bitter Hope for Three Pianos (with Paul’s dialogue) (4:59)
2. Family Nostalgia (3:26)
3. Sign (3:26)
4. Lost: variation (3:49)
5. Lost (10:25)
6. Bitter Hope for Three Pianos & Strings (with Juliette’s dialogue) (3:00)
7. Electricity (3:33)
8. Johnny and Mary (4:00)


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