L’arte della felicita Songs List

L'arte della felicita
Written by BeeBee
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L’arte della felicita Soundtrack list – A taxi driver who lives in Napoli spend his time on his uncle’s car thinking about happiness. His former brother took a road for happiness practicing Buddhism while he is always sad and melancholic. He listens to a radioshow called the art of happiness as a remembering idea of what is the goal of life. Do we have just one life or are we living again and again forever?

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L’arte della felicita SoundTrack Songs List

1. Felicità 2:10
2. A Crunchy Breakfast 1:26
3. Orgoglio 2:24
4. In Search of Roots 2:23
5. Tristezza 2:52
6. Light and Easy 0:59
7. Rabbia 2:04
8. New Waves of Happiness 4:24
9. Amore 2:41
10. Swing Sweetheart 1:06
11. Paura 2:49
12. A Crunchy Evening 2:00
13. Friday the 26th 2:03
14. Keep Going 2:20
15. Uncello 2:13

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