L’Amant (The Lover) Songs List

The Lover
Written by BeeBee
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L’Amant (The Lover) Soundtrack list – The primary characters are known only as The Young Girl and The Chinese Man. The events take place in Vietnam. The daughter of a bitter, fearful, poverty-stricken French family, living in a rural area, she wears an old linen dress and a fedora, and paints her lips bright red when out of her mother’s sight. Her weak-willed, widowed mother is a schoolteacher to local children. There is a violent, opium-smoking older brother, and a timid younger brother. The girl is a loner but an excellent student, who dreams of being a writer.

The girl meets the Chinese Man when crossing the river on the ferry to return to the city after a school holiday. He is the son of a businessman whose fortune was made in real estate, and has recently returned from Paris after finishing his business studies. He has the look but lacks the self-assurance of the playboy he fancies himself to be, and he is mesmerized the first time he sees her standing by the rail on a crowded ferry crossing the Mekong River. After some awkward conversation, she accepts a lift to Saigon in his chauffeur-driven limousine. In voice-over at the beginning of the film she says she is 15, but she tells him she is 17; he is 32. During the drive he tremulously takes her hand; at the end, his hand is in her lap. The following day, he waits for her outside her boarding school and takes her to the room in the Chinese quarter that he uses for entertaining mistresses.

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L’Amant (The Lover) SoundTrack Songs List

01. Ce Jour-Là Sur Le Mékong (Générique Début) (2:59)
02. Un Baiser Sur La Vitre (1:48)
03. Blue Zoon (2:49)
04. La Traversée Du Fleuve (1:26)
05. Promenade En Limousine (3:39)
06. Un Pas D’One Step (2:14)
07. Caresses (1:16)
08. Habanera (1:51)
09. Les Soucis (2:30)
10. Le Paso D’Hélène (2:43)
11. Retour À Sadec (0:57)
12. Blue Zoon (Piano) (3:18)
13. L’Homme De Cholon (3:01)
14. Hélène Au Pensionnat (0:32)
15. Valse À L’Étage (2:46)
16. Promenade En Limousine (2e Version) (1:29)
17. Les Barrages (3:21)
18. Nocturne (4:25)
19. Foxtrot Dance (2:32)
20. Le Départ (3:55)
21. Valse Opus 69, N°2 (Frédéric Chopin) (2:33)
22. L’Amant (Générique Fin) (3:20)
23. Variation Libre Sur Le Chant Des Boys (MAQUETTES) (2:24)
24. Nocturne (MAQUETTES) (4:23)

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