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Written by Cherry
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L’Adieu aux as-World War I ends in a butchery on a scale that horrified the civilized world, and from now on, the surviving French pilots are looking for their new place in the modern world.

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L’Adieu aux as Free Songs List Soundtrack

Genre: Score
Date: 2022 (1982)
Country: France
Audio codec: MP3+FLAC
Quality: 320kbs+lossless
Playtime: 14:14

1. L’adieu aux as (2:31)
2. Joséphine (2:23)
3. La beauté du delta (3:04)
4. L’avionnette de poirier (1:43)
5. Les grandes compagnies (2:03)
6. Naissance de l’hélicoptère (2:33)

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